Best Acoustic Solutions for the Workplace

Best Acoustic Solutions for the Workplace

Are you finding the noise level in your office a problem and getting it hard to think? The top office complaints today are the lack of acoustical privacy and distracting noise. As we adapt to the opportunities and challenges of this economy, our offices will change along with our work habits. The biggest problem for people who work in an office is an open workplace. In many places there are rows of workbenches and people are face to face and elbow to elbow. The spread of the open plan office space has become popular in the recent years however it isn’t the right solution for everyone. The challenges in relation to acoustic problems is often overlooked. Noise in the office workplace can lead to a reduction in job satisfaction, fatigue, and a reduction in employee productivity.

The following acoustic solutions will help reduce workplace noise quite significantly, offer a better outcome for staff satisfaction, and make your business more successful:

Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic wall panels can be placed on the ceiling and they will absorb ambient vibrations in an open office environment. They come available in designer finishes to create a more modern look in an office. The acoustic panels are made from eco-friendly recyclable products and are non-toxic too.

Acoustic stretch fabric system

Noises outside a meeting room can cause interruption which isn’t a sustainable outcome. A very simple stretch fabric system can simply keep unwanted noise out. This fabric can be stuck or hung to the wall which then effectively converts the wall into a sound resistor which is the perfect solution. Not only can they be hung or stuck to the wall, they offer multi-use solutions as they can also be used as pin boards in meeting rooms.

Bio Foam Drywall

Even though this product is the thinnest acoustic wall product it also has a very high noise barrier property. It is the perfect solution to help improve ceiling and wall noise. It is ideal for office division walls, boardrooms, and meeting rooms.

Window and Door Sealing Systems

In general windows and doors are a poor option to block out noise in an office space. To reduce noise door seals can be used between the gaps of the doors and windows and act as a noise barrier.

In today’s society, it’s nearly impossible to measure the productivity. A good acoustic system in the workplace is the only way to measure this. A well-designed acoustical workplace will help make employees feel conformable in their surroundings.