Acoustic Wall Absorbers

Acoustic Wall Absorbers

Acoustic Solutions

Having problems with noise in the room or workspace? It’s very common, and easily solved!

At times we all want to live and work in a quiet environment. Acoustic requirements in practice are often versatile and individual. At Aspect Systems, we supply a wide range of acoustic wall absorbers, employing innovative designs to provide acoustical solutions for Education, Offices, Commercial, Hospitality, Leisure and Domestic applications. Here at Aspect Systems, our partnership with Soundtect™ has succeeded in bringing a whole new dimension and choice of acoustic solutions to the market.

Acoustic Panels by Soundtect™

Soundtect have used recycled resources to create their panels, and this has formed a camouflage effect and acoustic purpose with imagination. The panels that are produced are fine-tuned and balanced to control sound absorption. Soundtect can produce treatments for ceilings and walls.

All their panel designs are exceedingly designed and ensure improvement in any interior that suffers from reverberation problems. Our panels are proven to increase acoustic quality as well as class A sound absorption. All our sound absorbing acoustic panels are appropriate for anyone wanting a decrease in noise solutions bringing comfort to space, you will be stunned by the difference it can makes!

Check out the Soundtect™ installation video