Knowledge Centre

Knowledge Centre

It is surprising just how many questions relating to technical applications can be clarified in just one telephone call! Provided, of course, you are talking to the right partner at the other end of the line. Here at Aspect Systems, our experts combine outstanding theoretical knowledge with sound practical experience and we regard ourselves as partners in your planning. Our advice is literally within your reach – simply give us a call!

At Aspect Systems, we regard problem solving as a core task. Our involvement starts – if you so wish – as early as the ideas phase of your project. The earlier we get involved in sharing in your vision, the more cost-effective the solution that we can devise for you.

Our focuses of knowledge and expertise are in the following key areas;

Acoustics / Fire / Environmental / Hygiene

As a supplier, Aspect Systems offers complete, tried and tested interior building systems. Our ceiling and partition systems can be used to provide a variety of performances as well as aesthetic functions. In all cases the correct installation of the ceiling or partition is essential to ensure that the system can fulfil any such requirements. Where the product is to provide any level of performance it must be installed in accordance with the relevant test report, assessment or those recommendations provided by the manufacturer. Failure to use the specified components or comply with the installation recommendations will invalidate any test report, assessment or warranty.