Aspect Systems…keeping it Green!!

Environmental Protection and Sustainability

Green Buildings are not only about recycled content or reducing energy. Creating a pleasant and attractive environment and minimising environmental impact is a challenge faced by planners and architects everywhere. Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) is an important aspect of such an environment. The overall well-being of a building’s occupants and their associated productivity contributes to the cost benefit of sustainable design. Furthermore workspaces which are comfortable, naturally bright and allow its occupant’s access to the outdoors can increase productivity and reduce costly absenteeism. Here at Aspect Systems, we work hard to promote high-quality engineered products that are both cost effective end environmentally sustainable.

With our partners in manufacturing achieving credits on projects constructed to BREEAM® and LEED® standards, when you’re with Aspect Systems, you’re with the right people.

OWA® develops, produces and sells complete ceiling systems. The demands placed on their products by planners, designers, architects, distributors and installers are diverse and numerous. Design, functionality, acoustics and fire resistance are some of the required key, product characteristics. One other question is becoming increasingly important: “What do OWA ceiling systems contribute to the sustainable design of the building?” In other words what do the products deliver in terms of air quality, comfort, ease of access and recycling?

As our friends in Rockfon® say, “Building a sustainable future requires a balanced approach to the environment, the wellbeing of people and economic prosperity. Without all three, sustainability will remain an illusion rather than a rock-solid reality”.

Our partners in drywall manufacturing, KNAUF, are proud to say of their Environmental Policy: “Knauf Drywall recognises that its operations and activities impact on the local and global environment in a number of ways and as such are committed to continually reducing these environmental impacts. Our overall objective is to develop the business having full regard to the environment and taking into account the views of all affected interests”.