Basics of Room Acoustics

Basics of Room Acoustics

Comfortable spaces – Noise reduction through sound absorption

Occupants of all areas, be it at work or at home, require acoustic comfort. For example, if they would like to work undisturbed. Overhearing colleagues in work when not required can be at best irritating, but at worst counterproductive. High sound absorption values are not everything – the degree of absorption must be co-ordinated with the utilization of the area and the existing perimeter conditions.

Reverberation time regulation

For each area an optimal reverberation time for the area utilization can be determined. Because selection of floors and walls are not usually taken into account the suspended ceiling is of great importance for the regulation of the reverberation time.

Half height walls have little effect

When ‘sound-hard’ ceilings enter the equation, room dividers such as half-height partitions -only provide an optical separation with little acoustic effect for the project. This will change with the installation of sound absorbing ceilings and acoustic wall absorbers from Aspect Systems.