Acoustic Solutions

Having problems with noise in the room or workspace? It’s very common, and easily solved!

At times we all want to live and work in a quiet environment. Acoustic requirements in practice are often versatile and individual. At Aspect Systems, we supply a wide range of acoustic wall absorbers, employing innovative designs to provide acoustical solutions for Education, Offices, Commercial, Hospitality, Leisure and Domestic applications. Here at Aspect Systems, our partnership with Soundtect™ has succeeded in bringing a whole new dimension and choice of acoustic solutions to the market.

Acoustic Panels by Soundtect™

Using recycled materials for their panels, Soundtect™ has managed to camouflage acoustic function with imagination, and produce panels that are technically admirable due to their finely tuned balance of reverberation control and sound absorption.

Soundtect™ manufactures acoustic treatments for walls and ceilings. Highly design led; these panels dramatically improve audibility in any interior that suffers from reverberation issues. With a collection of panels which are proven to improve acoustic quality including class A sound absorption, Soundtect™ sound absorbing acoustic panels are suitable for any environment needing noise reduction solutions.

Bring a new comfort to the space, you’ll be amazed the difference it makes!

Check out the Soundtect™ installation video

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