MoVista Glass Wall

MoVista Glass Wall


Where improved acoustics is required, moViSTA is the answer. HUFCOR® moViSTA allows both transparency and a high level of sound control – often two performance features that are contradictory.

HUFCOR moViSTA movable walls are ideally suited to partition office spaces and conference rooms. But also in studios, community centres, hotels and schools, transparency and quietness ensure a pleasant, light-infused interior environment.

Features and Benefits:

  • Certified sound control up to 47 dB
  • Lever closure panels as glass panels
  • Aluminum sections in all RAL colours
  • Remote-controlled slatted blinds in a large variety of colours
  • Safety circuit with magnetic sensor
  • Top & Bottom electrically activated seals extended in a matter of seconds
  • Emergency battery powered operation
  • Trouble-free motors ‘Made in Germany’
  • Panel height up to 4,00 m
  • CE as defined in Machine Directive

Download HUFCOR moViSTA Glass Wall PDF